Partnering with Picaw

A partner enters into a non-exclusive agreement with Picaw to offer for sale some or all of Picaw’s products and services.

Partnering with Picaw

Partner benefits

  • No investment and no risk - lease finance available for the customer
  • Profit margin determined by the partner
  • Partner’s own branding eg Oggle interactive video map carrying partner’s logo
  • Add value to your relationship with existing customers and secure new business

Partner responsibilities

  • Market Picaw’s products and services
  • Negotiate sales with customers (subject to survey and agreement by Picaw)
  • Provide a quotation to the customer (based on a price quotation from Picaw plus your mark-up)
  • Purchase the products and services from Picaw
  • Invoice the customer
  • Provide first-line support to the customer (initial response and issue identification)

Picaw responsibilities

  • Carry out a pre-sale survey (if required)
  • Provide a price quotation to the partner
  • Install and configure the equipment and/or deliver the services, as agreed with the partner and the customer
  • Provide training to the customer
  • Provide 24/7 maintenance, support and services to the customer (subject to SLA)

We can also offer a referral scheme where the partner simply promotes Picaw to their customers and passes on leads

Call us to talk about how your business can benefit from partnering with Picaw

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