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Fire Safety

Who Is Responsible For Fire Safety?

It's really very clear. In all workplaces as well as commercial, public and non-domestic premises, you're responsible for fire safety if you are the employer, the owner, the landlord or the occupier.

If you're wondering who is responsible for fire safety, then it's probably you!


Who's Who At Picaw?

Over the past six months, we’ve had a bit of staff churn at Picaw. This is normal in a fast-moving industry like ours, but some long-serving colleagues who have been with me since the early days have moved on to other things.
Each member of the Picaw team brings a range of skills, experience and character traits!


Picaw's 8 Point Plan For Protecting Your Server Room

Any servers you have installed on your company's network should be located in a secure area. This can be anything from a simple, locked room to a temperature controlled, dedicated server farm. Whatever its size, you need a plan for protecting your server room!


Why Are We So Afraid Of Change?

Recent political events in the United Kingdom have focused my mind on change. In my opinion, the only time that change is universally acceptable is where there is a positive and identified benefit for everyone. If you're afraid of change then make sure you have a solid plan of action!

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