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Fire Safety

Fire Alarm Testing: How Often Do You Test Yours?

You hope you never hear your fire alarm go off in an emergency, but if you do, you need to know that you can rely on it. As well as maintenance, regular fire alarm testing gives peace of mind.


Do You Have A Thorough CCTV Policy?

There are many reasons a company will install a Closed Circuit Television system. Did you know that from a data protection perspective, you need to have a thorough and detailed CCTV policy?



The Curse Of Spam Email

Email has been the cornerstone of the Internet for years. It's easy to keep in touch with business contacts, friends and family, but it does mean we're threatened by the curse of spam email. The curse of spam email is part of being on the Internet, but there are things you can do!

Fire Safety

Why You Need To Practise Fire Evacuations Regularly

Fire alarms are an essential safety measure in most premises, be that a factory, office, restaurant or garage, but they are only effective if people know how to react in response to them.


First Aid: Five Ways To Save A Life

Unless you’re a paramedic, doctor or nurse, you probably don’t go to work expecting to save a life. But anyone might be called upon to administer First Aid in the workplace or even out on the street. First Aid skills are valuable wherever you are!


21 Business Uses for CCTV

Closed Circuit Television, more commonly known as CCTV, is often considered a necessity for many businesses, but is thought of as a non-contributing cost to their bottom line. This really doesn't have to be the case. In fact, CCTV has a myriad of uses and many actually contribute to your bottom line!

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