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Who's Watching Your Premises When You're On Holiday?

If you have an intelligent intruder alarm system installed and maintained by Picaw, it can be monitored for you during your holidays by a professional alarm receiving centre.


Does Your Data Protection Policy Cover CCTV?

The Data Protection Act (DPA) ensures that our personal information is not misused by those who collect and process it. Usually, we think of this data as names, addresses, phone numbers, bank or credit card account details and so on.

Fire Safety

What To Do In The Event Of A Fire Alarm Failure

There are rare occasions when your fire alarm may not be available to protect premises. This may be due to scheduled maintenance, an extended power cut or an actual fire alarm failure. Whatever the activities of your business, in the event of a fire alarm failure, you need to know what to do.


How Can Anyone Be Sure About Workmanship?

In the fire and security industries, the standard of workmanship, and the degree of skill with which a product is made or a job is done, can mean the difference between life and death. You can be sure of the quality of our workmanship because of our accreditations!


Is The Recruitment Process A Science Or An Art?

We recently recruited another engineer to join the team and it's been a fascinating exercise. We started in time-honoured fashion by writing a role description and a person specification. We soon realised you should select for the personal qualities you want, then train for the skills you need!


Why Small (Business) Is Quite Beautiful

I take it personally if a customer is not happy with our service. Recently, a new manager working for a customer of some 12 years, decided to move to a major national supplier because they provided a 'complete service under one roof'.

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