10 Top Tips To Avoid Costly Alarm Engineer Callouts!

Here are our 10 top tips to avoid expensive call outs:

  1. Regular servicing and preventative maintenance

    Ensure the whole alarm system is properly maintained. For customers with support agreements, Picaw carries out routine servicing and maintenance twice per year to give you peace of mind.

  2. Train new staff to follow the open/close procedures properly

    Most out of hours calls to our helpline are staff who are unable to set the alarm or who forgot to unset it and it went off. We’re happy to talk them through the process.

  3. Learn to use the panel yourself

    When Picaw install a new alarm system or take over an existing one, we will show users and supervisors how to interrogate the panel and perform simple resets when needed.

  4. Provide remote access

    Picaw are specialists in remote support and management of fire alarms and intruder alarms. We can often diagnose and resolve issues without needing to come to your premises.

  5. Avoid things that can set off the intruder alarm

    So often, our alarm engineer callouts are due to false activation. It may have been caused by something like a point of sale sign falling down in front of a PIR motion detector, or a loose door banging in the wind.

  6. Ensure that power supplies and telephone/Redcare lines are maintained and the bills paid

    Most alarm systems require a method to communicate with an alarm receiving centre, and if the link is broken they will register a fault.

  7. Ensure batteries in panels and devices are replaced on schedule

    If Picaw is responsible for servicing, we will test and replace batteries although some providers will wait until the battery fails and then charge for a call out. We think that's quite unfair.

  8. Test regularly and report issues promptly

    Fire alarms and intruder alarms should be tested regularly. If your test reveals an issue, report it straight away so that it can be fixed before it becomes a major problem.

  9. Include parts and callouts in your maintenance cover

    Comprehensive maintenance and support cover from Picaw includes unscheduled alarm engineer callouts and parts, unless there has been malicious or accidental damage, or the fault has been caused by water or power issues.

  10. Keep your system up-to-date

    Picaw will update the information held by the alarm receiving centres whenever your authorised users change or there is an amendment to the system. But we can only tell them what we have been told by you, so keep us posted too!

    Nobody wants to waste time or spend money on alarm engineer callouts. If you follow our 10 top tips, we’ll all benefit! Any questions? Call us on 0845 287 3622 or send us an email to talk about Picaw supporting your alarm system.
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