Fire Alarm Testing: How Often Do You Test Yours?

Regular fire alarm testing is hugely important to the safety of your buildings, staff and customers! It also allows your staff to become accustomed to the sound (and the sight) of the alarms, so that when they hear it for real, they react promptly and appropriately.

"Regular testing is also a legal requirement for just those reasons!"

Generally, weekly tests are sufficient. Most premises find it convenient to check at the same time on the same day of the week, but does that suit your business?

If you have part-time workers or others who don't keep regular hours, they may never hear the alarm test if their schedules don't coincide. A pre-announced test at irregular intervals may catch more people.

Some organisations like to test when the building is empty, so as not to disturb staff, but that completely defeats the objective of familiarising them with the alarms!

"Fire alarm testing may also highlight issues that need to be addressed!"

Physical changes to buildings or new staff arrangements may not have taken into account the need to hear the alarms and Sounders may need to be relocated. Do you have staff, customers or visitors with special needs who require warning systems in addition to audible devices?

As well as testing, a practice evacuation should also be carried out at least annually, possibly more often depending on your organisation. And the detectors and call points should also be checked as part of a twice-yearly service of the system.

"The type of fire detection and alarm system will be dictated by your fire risk assessment!"

Picaw can carry out a fire risk assessment for you or take the recommendations if you have one already. We can then design, install and service a suitable system and implement a fire alarm testing schedule with you.

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