Why Small (Business) Is Quite Beautiful

I take it personally if a customer is not happy with our service. Recently, a new manager working for a customer of some 12 years, decided to move to a major national supplier because they provided a 'complete service under one roof'. Believe me, I was hurt.

One of the greatest assets of a small business is it's flexibility!

As a good manager, I tried to analyse where we went wrong, causing our (until then) loyal client to switch allegiances. After all, our service is pretty comprehensive and I'd say it was as good, if not better than, the major suppliers offering.

In my angst, I asked myself a lot of questions about what had happened. Had we kept in contact enough with then? Where they aware of the entire range of services we offer? Had one of our own team upset them? Or, even simpler, had we just taken them for granted?

"I concluded the national company sales person had simply out sold us!"

Hopefully, the customer we lost will return in due course once they realise they are just a number on a balance sheet, and after encountering the compartmentalised nature of the 'complete service' provided by said national supplier.

We have all experienced the "not my job" attitude of staff in the major utilities, haven't we? I will welcome back our client when they are more enlightened.

It also made me realise why running a small business is quite beautiful:

  • We care personally about the customer and the service we give
  • We adapt to change faster and more efficiently
  • We have a loyal and caring staff
  • We think outside the box to give the customer a better service
  • We are inherently more flexible by design
  • We are all trained in multiple disciplines to provide a comprehensive service
  • We are often cheaper (through efficiencies) than the major suppliers
  • Our customers can talk directly to the boss!

It makes good sense to work with a small business.

The good thing about Picaw is that I've grown it, from scratch, over a number of years and have built a feature-rich service supplied by a group of hand-picked, dedicated and well-trained people. Each member of my team cares about our customers first and strives to give them the best service possible.

"Don't want to be treated as just a number on a balance sheet?"

Talk to Picaw about design, installation and maintenance of intelligent systems for fire and security, intruder detection, remote video, CCTV and access control. Our installations are designed with remote access and interaction to provide better performance, lower capital costs and minimise maintenance.

Yes, we may still be classed as a small business, but regardless of your size, we're quite capable of working with you. Call us on 0845 287 3622 and we'd be more than happy to tell you more.


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