Do You Understand How Vulnerable Your Business Is?

Dyn manages the internet connectivity for many major companies like Netflix, LinkedIn and TripAdvisor amongst others. You may think this is nothing to do with you apart from an interruption of your access to these sites.

However, if you run a business you are at risk of attack from mischief makers, opportunists, criminals and even unscrupulous competitors!

Do you have an intruder alarm in your office? Most of you will answer yes, but if you change the question to, "What alarms do you have for cyberattacks on your business?" Most will say that they leave that to their IT support provider or internal IT department.

So you may wonder how someone can attack your business. Well, apart from the widely reported DDoS attacks, criminals are profiting from ransomware, which remotely encrypts your data so that crooks can demand money to release the encryption.

An NHS trust was recently reported having to pay to get access to their data restored! Hackers are also downloading corporate data then offering it to the victim's competitors!

"So what can you do?"

Firstly, sit down with your IT advisers and understand the risks and how your business is protected. If you find the explanations lacking, seek further information from others to gain a broader understanding of the problems.

An IT person cannot know everything about IT; the subject is simply far too vast. It is worth talking to other business owners to see how they are dealing with the problem and who is advising them.

Do make sure you have a reasonable understanding of the issues as you would with other aspects of your business activity. When you have gained knowledge of the possible risks to your business, you can then look at ways of reducing your vulnerabilities to attack.

"Then create an effective disaster recovery plan so you know what to do if the worst should happen!"

At Picaw, we are always available to help your understanding of cybersecurity for your business and have a range of solutions available and experts we know who can help you. Call us on 0845 287 3622 or send us an email enquiry if you'd like a chat to see how we can help you.


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