Who's Watching Your Premises When You're On Holiday?

They will react if the alarm is activated and follow your precise instructions about who to contact, including the police. You can also have a key-holding service who will send a mobile guard to investigate and take whatever action is necessary, including boarding up broken windows and securing the building.

"That saves you or your staff having to attend in the middle of the night!"

Whether you have any of these arrangements in place or not, it's important to keep your contact details up to date and to ensure that people know what to do in the event of an incident.

If you've set up arrangements for a trusted colleague to be in charge, then let the alarm company and your key-holders know, so that they don't have to bother you on your sun-kissed beach or halfway up a mountain.

A site with additional grounds, car parks or other outdoor areas may benefit from a perimeter alarm. This gives early warning of an intruder, triggering CCTV cameras. A short video clip can then be sent to the alarm monitoring centre where the staff will view it and decide what action to take.

Of course, if they see a fox or a cat, they will ignore it. If they see a couple of people taking a short cut home, but doing no real harm, again they may choose to do nothing. But if they see someone acting suspiciously, they can alert the key-holding service to despatch a patrol to investigate further or even call the police.

In case something bad does happen, it would be good to know it was captured on CCTV, wouldn't it? The police and insurers will appreciate video coverage of any incidents, and it can help to prevent a recurrence.

"But CCTV is only any use if it's working at the time you need it!"

An inclusive maintenance contract with Picaw ensures that cameras are working, as we monitor the signal (but not the images) every 15 minutes. We often know a system has an issue before our clients do and can get it fixed promptly.

And if you can't resist seeing what's going on at work from your holiday hotel, then our own Oggle remote video service lets you view both live and recorded video images from an unlimited number of cameras on multiple sites.

"But you're not that sad, are you? Surely not!"

To find out more about intelligent intruder alarm systems, and how Picaw can install and maintain them, do give us a call on 0845 287 3622 or send us an email and let's see how we can help you.

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