21 Business Uses for CCTV

Whether a single camera or a fully networked system, CCTV can be a powerful deterrent to intruders and theft. But how else can you benefit? The following list contains 21 great business uses where our own customers have said they get financial benefit:

  • Accident analysis
  • Checking customer service levels
  • Seeing how many staff are smoking together out the back of the premises
  • Ensuring Point of Sale material is displayed
  • Timing waiting staff to ensure food does not stay on the food pass too long
  • Monitoring the length of the checkout queue is not too long
  • Encouraging a manager to not sit in his office when the business is busy
  • Reviewing the quality of packing
  • Keeping an eye on stock levels
  • Watching customers as a shoplifting deterrence
  • Developing working methods
  • Dispute management
  • Energy management
  • Identifying and rewarding good staff
  • Monitoring the customer journey through a store
  • Ensuring food hygiene
  • Checking for health and safety violations
  • Reviewing staff/customer interaction
  • Processing customer complaints
  • Monitoring project progress
  • Recording the content of shipments in and out of the business.

Can you add to this list of uses for Closed Circuit Television? Please do let us know!

To do all this though, you really do need quick and easy access to the footage, possibly from many different locations. Picaw customers can access their videos at any time via the Internet and as part of our continually improving service, all of our customers have the option to access both live and recorded video footage using our great new iPad/iPhone app.

"We're the experts in remote video systems!"

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