Intelligent Fire Alarms Help Schools and Public Areas

The effect of a fire alarm activation in public places and schools can be very disruptive; however, intelligent fire panels can assist. A delay can be programmed before the sounding of the evacuation, allowing staff to investigate the cause.

"The main alarm panel shows the device causing the activation providing direction to the staff!"

The type of activation can also be used to determine the evacuation process by the location and type of device. If a smoke detector in an electrical cupboard triggers, the certainty of a real fire is greater than the activation of a manual call point near an exit to a playground. Saying that, all alerts should be taken with equal priority and checked out immediately.

On larger sites, paging can be added to the fire alarm system showing the precise cause of the activation allowing mobile staff to investigate causes quickly. The pagers and the site transmitters (radios) are specifically designed and approved for use with fire alarms and the paging system meets the British Standards for integration. Using generic mobile devices is not compliant with BS as their reliability is unpredictable.

Fire alarm systems can be monitored remotely over the Internet allowing the cause of the activation to be relayed efficiently, even more so when combined with a CCTV system that monitors the premises at the same time.

"The primary purpose of a fire alarm is to protect life!"

Any delay to the instant alarm configuration must be carefully considered before installation so alerting and checking procedures can be agreed with staff. But they can really be useful in public places and schools when there is a high chance of a false alarm.


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