So Many People Get Sales And Marketing Wrong!

As business owners, we all have to market what we do, but it needs to go to the right people at the right time. I have received several bad marketing examples over the last couple of weeks. When companies get their sales and marketing wrong, I end up resenting them!

For example, raising my poor internet connection speeds with my local Member of Parliament, I received a letter telling me how the government have achieved 91% of the population getting greater than 10mb/sec. Welrl, that was a mistake as I am one of the 9% and I resent being told about the other 91%!

"I want to know what you are going to do for me, not what you've already done for them!"

I then received a very glossy two-page news sheet from my local Land Rover dealership. The ownership had recently changed and they showed pictures of the launch party including food prepared by a celebrity chef. Well, that's great; I now resent the fact they didn't invite me!

When I talk to support desks about a particular issue causing me grief, the last thing I want to be told is that “Nobody else has reported this issue”. Does this mean I am stupid to call them or does this mean the help desk don’t know how to fix the issue? Whatever the reason, I now resent their attitude.

Televisions now work more like computers with various apps installed. One of the apps on my TV stopped working so I contacted the support desk to be told the app is no longer supported on my 18-month-old television!

Does the manufacturer realise how much damage these seemingly 'little' issues cause to their brand? I resent being told I should go out and upgrade to the latest TV to get the app working again!

"Learning from the above resentment, I am determined Picaw service will not fall into the same trap!"

Our maintenance contracts provide 'new for old' in the event of any failure beyond repair. Our support teams are banned from saying the words “nobody else has reported this issue” and our marketing information is always written with utmost empathy for our customers.

But as a customer, if Picaw fails you in any way at all, please contact us on 0845 287 3622 and we'll mmediately deal with the issue for you. The last thing we want is for any of our customers to resent us!

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