Domains: Who Controls Your Website And Email URLs?

Their domain name (their website's URL) was held by the Internet Service Provider who has now refused to release it until they pay the disputed bill.

"You can imagine our customer isn't very happy, but what can they do?"

Potentially, the ISP could suspend their account because of non-payment and not only would their website disappear, but their email would stop working too! The bigger the ISP, the harder it becomes to resolve the situation without actually having to pay a bill for services that were never supplied.

If you want to find out who controls your domain name using a search engine entry such as ' registrant' (where is your website's URL) and see who it's registered to.

We strongly recommend your domain name is held by one of many independent companies who have no other business other than holding domain names and pointing requests to your web and/or mail servers.

All they ask is the revenue for the renewal of your URL registration each year. Arrangements for the transfer from the existing registrant is simple and usually free to do. It usually only takes a few days too.

We also recommend access to the control of your domain name is limited to either just the directors of your company or highly trusted IT staff. You really don't want someone to leave under a cloud, and you suddenly lose access to your website and email!

And finally, beware of scam emails asking you to re-register you domain name. As the renewal date of your URL is public knowledge, scammers use this information to send convincing renewal notices.

"Just delete them as all they want is your money!"

Picaw can advise any of our customers on matters relating to domain names and website URL registration. Do call us on 0845 287 3622 or click here to send us an email enquiry if you'd like some advice. We'd be happy to help you.

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